Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Prejudice + Paranoia x Property Values = Comedy.

Park Slope Films is back with a new project. Following the success of their feature Apostles of Park Slope, the PSF team is hard at work writing, casting and prepping their next film, a short comedy called THE SCHENECTADY PACKAGE.

THE SCHENECTADY PACKAGE was inspired by a classic episode of the iconic television series The Twilight Zone. “The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street,” which originally aired in 1960, used Cold-War hysteria to tell a story of neighbors who turn on each other for no good reason.

Perfect material for a comedy. Well, a dark comedy. A very dark comedy.

Director Jason Cusato, actor Al Accettura and actor/writer Anthony DeVito have written a story that takes elements of fear, gentrification, greed, ignorance, bigotry, lunacy and mistrust and sets it on the mythical "Schenectady Street" in modern-day Brooklyn. And they've made it very funny.

THE SCHENECTADY PACKAGE features actors from APOSTLES: Anthony DeVito (CHIEF) Al Accettura (TINY), Michael Tadduni (FREDDY), Chris Harcum (MAGOO) and Nick Freni (FATHER PAUL) as well as several new faces. Shooting will begin in late Spring/early Summer 2011.