Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jimmy Ferguson & HomelessMan Productions,LLC

Written By: JWJ Ferguson

I've been touched by the film community's support of my project.  We've all been pushing for years to get our films made and released.  I like to think that we can join and be stronger as a united force and, through this, find more opportunities and success (artistically and commercially).
Several filmmakers have donated and have included our info on their websites, mailing lists, social media, etc.  Among them, our neighbors, Park Slope Films (Park Slope as in Park Slope, Brooklyn, where I and they live) has been supporting the film in various ways.  They are helping me to get the word out to their (our) community.  They also connected me to The Art Of Brooklyn Film Festival where I was able to screen the trailer.
I also screened the trailer at the Contemporary Arts Center of New Orleans and at the Cinema On The Bayou Film Festival in Lafayette, LA.   We had as many as 200 audience members at the screenings.

It's very helpful to screen to a large audience in a theatre and see their reaction and receive feedback through the Q&A.  I remember the first screening of the trailer. I was nervous of the reaction, and then... the audience erupted in laughter - they burst into applause at the end.  The overwhelmingly positive response at those screenings gave me confidence and enthusiasm to push forth to the completion of the film.
Involving audience response throughout the process allows me to gain the necessary perspective to be certain that I am properly communicating my intention.  I'm hoping to continue this process through pre-screeners and the online community.  I invite you all to be a part.
Thanks to all the filmmakers who have stepped up to support the movie.  Thank you for helping spread the word and inviting your communities and fans to be a part of this film.  It means a lot to have a filmmakers discerning eye validate the work.
We're growing together and I'm here to support you all and help your films become a success.