Thursday, May 26, 2011

GoGo and GiveGive!

Our fundraising drive for THE SCHENECTADY PACKAGE is officially underway!

To collect the millions of dollars we will inevitably rake in, we've set up shop on Indie GoGo. Donation amounts start at a mere 10 clams (at the current exchange rate, a clam is equal to a dollar) and every donation amount comes with perks.

Perks, you say? Oh, we said it allright! Donation perks include:
• Exclusive updates on the film's progress
• Free DVD's of our award-winning films
• Invites to screenings and parties
... and lots more.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Park Slope Films Goes Viral To Promote New Film

(BROOKLYN) The team at Park Slope Films are doing everything they can to generate buzz for their new project, "The Schenectady Package," a short comedy inspired by a classic Twilight Zone episode: "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street."

They've taken elements from the film and are creating an “expanded universe” through comedy videos and web content.
“We were looking for fun, new ways to promote the film” said Anthony DeVito, the comedy's co-writer and one of its stars. “The characters in this story are so sharp and funny. A pair of real estate agents figure heavily into the film’s plot, so we shot a commercial for them, like one you’d see on local cable… complete with awkward edits and cheesy copy. The video gives a sneak preview of several of the film's main characters."

PSF created a website for the agents’ “company” where you can see the ad. The links on that site point to the film’s official site, Facebook page and its fundraising page on Indie GoGo.
"We want to entertain viewers while reminding them they can donate to the film and help spread the word," said director Jason Cusato. "These characters are so much fun we want to show them off as much as we can."
Once the film has started shooting, the team has plans to write and shoot a "local news segment" featuring different characters from the film to use as a teaser trailer.