Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jimmy Ferguson & HomelessMan Productions,LLC

Written By: JWJ Ferguson

I've been touched by the film community's support of my project.  We've all been pushing for years to get our films made and released.  I like to think that we can join and be stronger as a united force and, through this, find more opportunities and success (artistically and commercially).
Several filmmakers have donated and have included our info on their websites, mailing lists, social media, etc.  Among them, our neighbors, Park Slope Films (Park Slope as in Park Slope, Brooklyn, where I and they live) has been supporting the film in various ways.  They are helping me to get the word out to their (our) community.  They also connected me to The Art Of Brooklyn Film Festival where I was able to screen the trailer.
I also screened the trailer at the Contemporary Arts Center of New Orleans and at the Cinema On The Bayou Film Festival in Lafayette, LA.   We had as many as 200 audience members at the screenings.

It's very helpful to screen to a large audience in a theatre and see their reaction and receive feedback through the Q&A.  I remember the first screening of the trailer. I was nervous of the reaction, and then... the audience erupted in laughter - they burst into applause at the end.  The overwhelmingly positive response at those screenings gave me confidence and enthusiasm to push forth to the completion of the film.
Involving audience response throughout the process allows me to gain the necessary perspective to be certain that I am properly communicating my intention.  I'm hoping to continue this process through pre-screeners and the online community.  I invite you all to be a part.
Thanks to all the filmmakers who have stepped up to support the movie.  Thank you for helping spread the word and inviting your communities and fans to be a part of this film.  It means a lot to have a filmmakers discerning eye validate the work.
We're growing together and I'm here to support you all and help your films become a success.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Park Slope Films & The Art of Brooklyn

Brooklyn is unique; living here requires a little know-how. A knack. Whether you’re a native or a transplant, when you master the “Art of Brooklyn” you know you really belong here.

THE ART OF BROOKLYN is a new festival that's all about New York artists; whether they’re born and raised in the 5 Boroughs or have moved here to live, work and create. Independent production company Park Slope Films is bringing together the indie film community, musicians, visual artists and local businesses to Founders Hall at St. Francis College in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn.

TAoB was launched to showcase what they do and celebrate the creative energy that makes our borough one of the most exciting places in the world. 

The Festival takes place Aug. 20 - 27, 2011. For more info, including schedule, trailers and tickets, click HERE.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

GoGo and GiveGive!

Our fundraising drive for THE SCHENECTADY PACKAGE is officially underway!

To collect the millions of dollars we will inevitably rake in, we've set up shop on Indie GoGo. Donation amounts start at a mere 10 clams (at the current exchange rate, a clam is equal to a dollar) and every donation amount comes with perks.

Perks, you say? Oh, we said it allright! Donation perks include:
• Exclusive updates on the film's progress
• Free DVD's of our award-winning films
• Invites to screenings and parties
... and lots more.

HELP FUND OUR FILM AT: http://www.indiegogo.com/The-Schenectady-Package-1

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Park Slope Films Goes Viral To Promote New Film

(BROOKLYN) The team at Park Slope Films are doing everything they can to generate buzz for their new project, "The Schenectady Package," a short comedy inspired by a classic Twilight Zone episode: "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street."

They've taken elements from the film and are creating an “expanded universe” through comedy videos and web content.
“We were looking for fun, new ways to promote the film” said Anthony DeVito, the comedy's co-writer and one of its stars. “The characters in this story are so sharp and funny. A pair of real estate agents figure heavily into the film’s plot, so we shot a commercial for them, like one you’d see on local cable… complete with awkward edits and cheesy copy. The video gives a sneak preview of several of the film's main characters."

PSF created a website for the agents’ “company” where you can see the ad. The links on that site point to the film’s official site, Facebook page and its fundraising page on Indie GoGo.
"We want to entertain viewers while reminding them they can donate to the film and help spread the word," said director Jason Cusato. "These characters are so much fun we want to show them off as much as we can."
Once the film has started shooting, the team has plans to write and shoot a "local news segment" featuring different characters from the film to use as a teaser trailer.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Prejudice + Paranoia x Property Values = Comedy.

Park Slope Films is back with a new project. Following the success of their feature Apostles of Park Slope, the PSF team is hard at work writing, casting and prepping their next film, a short comedy called THE SCHENECTADY PACKAGE.

THE SCHENECTADY PACKAGE was inspired by a classic episode of the iconic television series The Twilight Zone. “The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street,” which originally aired in 1960, used Cold-War hysteria to tell a story of neighbors who turn on each other for no good reason.

Perfect material for a comedy. Well, a dark comedy. A very dark comedy.

Director Jason Cusato, actor Al Accettura and actor/writer Anthony DeVito have written a story that takes elements of fear, gentrification, greed, ignorance, bigotry, lunacy and mistrust and sets it on the mythical "Schenectady Street" in modern-day Brooklyn. And they've made it very funny.

THE SCHENECTADY PACKAGE features actors from APOSTLES: Anthony DeVito (CHIEF) Al Accettura (TINY), Michael Tadduni (FREDDY), Chris Harcum (MAGOO) and Nick Freni (FATHER PAUL) as well as several new faces. Shooting will begin in late Spring/early Summer 2011.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Park Slope films is now in pre-production for our next film; a new short comedy inspired by an episode of the classic television series The Twilight Zone. There are several roles we're still casting for. Please submit headshots and resumes for any of the roles below by emailing them to: @ psf.mail@parkslopefilms.com



THE WILSON'S KELLY & CLAUDE -Older couple, Kelly, a mid forties/fifties black woman, about 5’ tall and always speaks her mind. Can also be a big troublemaker, starting rumors and believing what ever she hears from idiots like Charlie and Bobby. She doesn’t like Charlie or Bobby but sometimes jumps on board just to push people. Kelly is also overly happy all the time but can change to overly suspicious in a minute. She is very much in love with her husband of 23 years Claude. Claude is a tall black man. Early 50’s. Claude is extremely put off by most of the block, is also very much in love with his wife and very protective of her. Claude would rather keep his distance from everyone on the block but Kelly likes to keep up with the gossip and is always in the middle of everything. They have lived on the block a long time, almost as long as Pete. Good luck trying to win an argument when both are around.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


TICKETS ARE ON SALE FOR "APOSTLES OF PARK SLOPE" screening this weekend at The Astoria/LIC Film Festival on Saturday Oct 23rd @ 12pm. Screening at The Secret Theater 44-02 23rd Street #104 in long Island City.

Get your tickets now, go to- http://www.astorialicff.com/view.php?id=26